Honeymoons, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Romance

How better to spend a special time than to choose to stay in a place worthy of the occasion, that can capture the emotion of the celebrated event in an atmosphere of peace and tranquillity? Bryn Bras Castle is without doubt such a place, its setting cannot but be regarded as an unusual haven that will promote romantic memories and stimulate romantic thoughts to enhance the celebration.

Honeymoon at Bryn Bras Castle Wales

Anniversaries, Birthdays at Bryn Bras Castle Wales

Do consider us as a destination to invoke those memories and create memorable dreams for the future in the shadow of a bygone age with its undemanding simplicity. Escape for a while from the familiar and the stresses of the present and immerse yourselves in the environment that was once special to a very privileged few. Relieve yourselves of daily tensions whilst indulging in the tranquillity of the past; an experience which, of necessity these days, is lost to many due to the very pressures that accompany everyday life. Give yourselves ‘the time to stand and stare’ and see each other in an unfamiliar background where only you are important to one another, where the mountains and seas are your horizons and where you can celebrate your togetherness and recover your individuality in the majesty of their silent presence.

Anniversaries, Birthdays at Bryn Bras Castle Wales

Why not celebrate your birthday where you can contemplate the past and anticipate the future in an atmosphere that is unlikely to prejudice your thoughts and with the placid surroundings providing relaxation to the whole person. Who knows, maybe starting a new year of your life will bring about a rejuvenation that feels like setting the clock back years rather than advancing in time. Try and capture that synergetic Welsh magic that Bryn Bras Castle has to offer by sampling the elixir of its peaceful and beautiful environment.

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We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for a lovely weekend in the most idyllic setting. It was the perfect place to celebrate our 1st anniversary. We hope to see you in the near future.

C.T. West Yorks

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